Human Body

The human body is truly remarkable. It consists of many systems and each of us is unique. For each of your characteristics (eye color, skin color, hair color, size…) there is a gene or group of genes that determines this and has been passed on to you through your parents. The exhibition is intended for everyone who is interested in the structure and functioning of their own body, movement and maintaining health. Getting to know your body in Tehnopark will be a very special experience with modern and interactive exhibits and technologies.

Ecology, Energy and Renewable Energy

Have you ever observed how electricity works? You will be able to try on your own how to make electrical connections. You will also be able to try out how to put your hair upright due to the electrostatic voltage of 10,000 volts. In addition to all the fun effects you will experience, you will also learn how important it is to take care of the environment and renewable resources.

Physical, Mathematical and Astronomical Phenomena

Physics and maths can be extremely playful if you perceive them that way, you just have to be curious enough to recognize their most beautiful side. The real potential of learning from real practical examples is a better understanding, to which we can also add fun. And if you still don’t find any interest in physics and maths, then you’ll be able to learn all about it through astronomy.



Do you believe in what you see? Is it reality or illusion?


The Future

You will be able to test your 21st century skills, these are the skills that are largely recognized as important for success in today’s and future careers and jobs. These skills include ICT, communication, problem solving, creative thinking, collaboration and virtual reality. What you perceive (images, sounds…), made and designed by a computer, responds (via interfaces) to your movement. All of this creates the feeling that you are in some other world, separate from the one you are actually (physically) in. Do you dare to indulge?

Natural Science

Have you ever wondered how waves or even tsunamis occur? How is it possible to lie down on a bed with nails? Exhibition on the topic of science will show our everyday phenomena in an interactive way.



Titus Varius Clemens was the most famous inhabitant of ancient Celeia, who had a successful military career as a commander. At the pinnacle of his career, he served as the ruling secretary of the Roman emperor - Marcus Aurelius, at the very center - where all paths led to Rome! Overcoming distances and building cities was a big challenge in his time. Try some challenges and be like Tit.


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